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J.R. Carroll Book List


J.R. Carroll was born and raised in Melbourne. He graduated from Melbourne University and worked for a period as a teacher before turning to writing fiction full-time. His first book was titled Token Soliders and was set in the Vietnam War. After this he devoted himself to writing a series of crime thrillers.

Don Bartholomew

Bartholomew is a small time crook

Catspaw (1988)
Tropic of Fear (2000)

Dennis Gatz

Gatz is a homicide detective in Melbourne, Victoria

No Way Back (1992)
Out Of the Blue (1993)

Stand Alone

Stingray (1994)
The Clan (1996)
Cheaters (1998)
Hard Yards (2001)
Blindside (2004)
8 Hours To Die (2014)