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Joy Dettman Book List


Joy Dettman was born in Echuca in Victoria and now lives in Melbourne. Joy, a mother-of-four, is a full-time writer and a published author of several award-winning stories.

Mallawindy series

Thoughtful thrillers set in the small town of Mallawindy

Mallawindy (1998)
Yesterday's Dust (2001)

Woody Creek series

This is a dark series that is set in Woody Creek in the heart of rural Australia

Pearl in a Cage (2009)
Thorn on the Rose (2010)
Moth to the Flame (2011)
Wind in the Wires (2012)
Ripples on a Pond (2013)
The Tying of Threads (2014)
Trails in the Dust (2019)

Stand Alone

Jacaranda Blue (1999)
Goose Girl (2000)
The Seventh Day (2002)
Henry's Daughter (2003)
One Sunday (2005)
The Silent Inheritance (2016)