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Matthew Reilly Book List


Ever since shopping his first book around to any and all publishers that he could to try and get some interest in the novel that turned out to be the wildly popular Contest, Matthew Reilly has been one of Australia's most popular thriller authors thanks largely to his all-out action approach to his books. Every novel is a heart-pounding thrill-ride that never lets up from the first page to the last.

Scarecrow series

Shane Schofield aka Scarecrow is a Marine team leader

Ice Station (1998)
Area 7 (2001)
Scarecrow (2003)
Hell Island (2006) [novella]
Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (2011) apa Scarecrow Returns

Jack West Jr series

Jack West Jr is described as an Australian super-soldier

The Seven Ancient Wonders (2005) apa Seven Deadly Wonders
The Six Sacred Stones (2007)
The Five Greatest Warriors (2009)
The Four Legendary Kingdoms (2016)
Jack West Jr and the Hero's Helmet (2016) [novella]
The Three Secret Cities (2018)
Jack West Jr and the Chinese Splashdown (2020) [novella]
The Two Lost Mountains (2021)

Tournament series

Historical mystery series

The Tournament (2013)
Roger Ascham and the King's Lost Girl (2013)
Roger Ascham and the Dead Queen's Command (2020)

Stand Alone

Temple (1999)
Contest (2000)
The Great Zoo of China (2014)
The Secret Runners of New York (2019) apa The Secret Runners

Non-Crime Young Adult Fantasy

Hover Car Racer: Crash Course (2005)
Hover Car Racer: Full Throttle (2006)
Hover Car Racer: Photo Finish (2007)
Troll Mountain (2014)

Critical Acclaim


  • Shortlisted 2005 Barry Award for Best Thriller

Seven Ancient Wonders:

  • Shortlisted 2006 Barry Award for Best Thriller