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Nicholas Hasluck Book List


Nicholas Paul Hasluck AM is an Australian novelist, poet and short story writer, and judge. He studied law at the University of Western Australia (1963) and Oxford. He lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and has two children. Hasluck's books fall into two categories, which he describes as 'moral thriller genre and satire', with the thriller interesting him the most.

Stand Alone

Quarantine (1978)
The Blue Guitar (1980)
The Hand That Feeds You (1982)
The Bellermine Jug (1984)
Truant State (1987)
The Country Without Music (1990)
The Blosseville File (1992)
A Grain of Truth (1994)
Our Man K (1999)
Dismissal (2011)
The Bradshaw Case (2016)
Rooms In the City (2020)