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Peter Ralph Book List


Peter Ralph spent his early business life as a chartered accountant, specialising in corporate recoveries and reconstructions. In the mid 1980s he became CEO of a mid-sized private company which was successfully floated as a public company in 1994. Subsequently Peter became a share and derivatives trader and continues in that field today.

Josh Kennedy Series

Josh Kennedy is a returned war hero who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is hoping for a quiet life...doesn't get it

Fog City Fraud (2015)
Deadly Bequests (2019)
The Guardian (2019)
A Mortal Mortgage (2020)

Stand Alone

Collins Street Whores (2004)
The CEO (2007)

Dirty Fracking Business (2012)
Revenge of the CEO (2015)
Blood Gold in the Congo (2016)
Beauty and the Scalpel (2016)
White Collar Blackmail (2015)
An Unholy Union (2019)