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Rachel Amphlett Book List


Rachel Amphlett came to Australia from the UK in 2005. She was a musical artist who also freelanced in BBC radio as a presenter and producer. When she turned to writing she found initial success with short stories before turning to crime fiction and spy thrillers.

Dan Taylor series

Dan Taylor is a geologist, ex-soldier and lost cause.

White Gold (2011)
Under Fire (2013)
Three Lives Down (2015)
Behind the Wire (2016)
The Legacy Device (2016) [novella]

Detective Kay Hunter series

This is a fast paced UK police series that introduces a modern twist to the traditional police procedural genre.

Scared to Death (2016)
Will to Live (2017)
One to Watch (2017)
Hell to Pay (2017)
Call to Arms (2018)
Gone to Ground (2018)
Bridge to Burn (2019)
Cradle to Grave (2019)
Turn to Dust (2020)

Nowhere to Run (2020) [novella]
Blood on Snow (2020) [novella]

English Assassin Trilogy

This is a spy series that features Eva Delacourt, a resilient female assassin who finds herself on the run after three years in hiding

Assassins Hunted (2018)
Assassins Vengeance (2018)
Assassins Retribution (2018)

Detective Mark Turpin series

This is police procedural series that is set in the UK locale of the Vale of the White Horse in Oxfordshire

None the Wiser (2020)
Her Final Hour (2020)

Stand Alone

Before Nightfall (2014)
Look Closer (2014)

Mistake Creek (2015)
The Friend Who Lied (2019)