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Robert G. Barrett Book List


Barrett was born in Bondi, Australia. He left school at 14 to do a few odd jobs before taking on a trade as a butcher around the eastern suburbs of Sydney. He gave up his trade when a hind of beef fell on him and injured his shoulder. While he was on worker's compensation, he completed three writing courses at the WEA (Workers' Educational Association). He has worked as a gag writer for a radio station, as a DJ, and behind a bar before getting a job writing a column for People Magazine. He has written short stories and feature articles for Australian newspapers. His novels are based on his well-loved character Les Norton.
Greg passed away 20 September 2012.

Les Norton series

Les Norton is a larger than life boy from the Queensland bush who has come down to Sydney where he now works as a Kings Cross nightclub bouncer. These books are full of colour and great Aussie humour.

You Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids (1986)
The Real Thing (1986)
The Boys from Binjiwunyawunya (1987)
The Godson (1989)
Between the Devlin and the Deep Blue Seas (1991)
White Shoes, White Lines and Blackie (1992)
And De Fun Don't Done (1993)
Mele Kalikimaka Mr Walker (1994)
The Day of the Gecko (1995)
Rider on the Storm and Other Bits (1996)
Guns 'N' Rose (1996)
Mud Crab Boogie (1998)
Goodoo Goodoo (1998)
The Wind and the Monkey (1999)
Leaving Bondi (2000)
Mystery Bay Blues (2002)
Rosa-Marie's Baby (2003)
Crime Scene Cessnock (2005)
Les Norton and the Case of the Talking Pie Crust (2008)
High Noon in Nimbin (2009)

Stand Alone

Davo's Little Something (1992)
The Ultimate Aphrodisiac (2002)
The Tesla Legacy (2006)