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Born in London, Shane Briant is the son of Australian actor Elizabeth Nolan. His father was an Irish guardsman and a writer. Briant studied Law at Trinity College Dublin, topping the school. Briant has achieved considerable success as an actor - he won the London Theatre Critics Best Newcomer Award in 1971 - and has written novels and screenplays largely in the thriller genre. He has starred in twenty-five feature films as well as countless television productions in the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia.

Worst Nightmares series

Dermot Nolan is an author suffering writers block who receives an unsolicited manuscript that gradually drags him into a nightmare scenario

Worst Nightmares (2009)
The Dreamhealer (2011)

Stand Alone

The Webber Agenda (1995)
The Chasen Catalyst (1995)
Hitkids (1999)
Bite of the Lotus (2001)
Graphic (2005)
Live Feed (2013)