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Tony Cavanaugh is a writer and producer in film and television, writing numerous dramas since the 1980s. He has over thirty years' experience in the industry, in all fields, from the genesis of an idea to production. He has written and edited award winning shows, The Sullivans, Once Were Warriors, Fire, Medivac, The Day of the Roses and Through My Eyes. He has lectured at several prestigious universities and institutions including RMIT, Melbourne University and the Australian Writer's Guild and has been a regular guest on ABC morning radio with Jon Faine, commenting on the film and television industry. Tony lives on the Gold Coast.

Darian Richards series

Darian Richards is a retired homicide cop living on Queensland's Gold Coast. He is drawn out of retirement by a serial killer

Promise (2013)
The Soft Touch (2013) [novella]
Dead Girl Sing (2013)
The Train Rider (2014)
Kingdom of the Strong (2015)

Stand Alone

Blood River (2019)