Joseph Hansen Book List

Dave Brandstetter Series

Brandsetter is a gay insurance claims investigator working in southern California around the Los Angeles area. The series is considered to be ground-breaking due to the introduction of a gay protagonist in the private investigator sub-genre.

Fadeout (1972)
Death Claims (1973)
Troublemaker (1975)
The Man Everybody Was Afraid Of (1978)
The Dog and Other Stories (1979) [SS]
Skinflick (1979)
Gravedigger (1982)
Brandstetter and Others (1984) [SS]
Nightwork (1984)
The Little Dog Laughed (1986)
Early Graves (1987)
Obedience (1988)
The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning (1990)
A Country of Old Men (1991)

Hank Bohannon Series

The Hank Bohannon series of books consists of three volumes of short stories that all feature the ex-sheriff who now owns a horse ranch and dabbles in some crime solving from there.

Bohannon’s Book (1988) [SS]
Bohannon’s Country (1993) [SS]
Bohannon’s Women (2002) [SS]

Nathan Reed Series

The Jack of Hearts (1995)
The Cutback Path (2002)​


A Smile In His Lifetime (1981)
Backtrack (1982)
Job's Year (1983)
Pretty Boy Dead (1984)
Steps Going Down (1985)

Living Upstairs (1993)
Blood, Snow, & Classic Cars (2001) [SS]