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Gabrielle Lord Book List


Gabrielle Lord was born in Sydney in 1946. After studying at Armidale Univeristy she worked variously as a saleswoman, teacher and fruit-picker, and spent nine years with the Commonwealth Employment Service as an employment officer. Her first novel Fortress has been made into a feature film starring Rachel Ward and Whipping Boy has been made into a telemovie featuring Sigrid Thornton. Her more recent books have been the Gemma Lincoln series, and a series featuring forensic scientist Jack McCain psychological thrillers filled with detail and sharp character description. Her stories and articles have appeared widely in the national press and been published in anthologies. She was awarded the 2012 Ned Kelly Awards Lifetime Achievement Award by the Australian Crime Writers Association.

Gemma Lincoln series

Gemma Lincoln is a Sydney private investigator specialising in insurance traces. Her specialty spreads a lot more widely as she is called in to investigate a range of harrowing cases.

Feeding the Demons (1999)
Baby Did a Bad Thing (2002)
Spiking the Girl (2004)
Shattered (2007)
Death By Beauty (2012)

Jack McCann series

Jack McCann is a forensic scientist.

Death Delights (2001)
Lethal Factor (2003)
Dirty Weekend (2005)

Stand Alone

Fortress (1980)
Tooth and Claw (1983)
Jumbo (1986)
Salt (1991)
Whipping Boy (1992)
Bones (1995)
The Sharp End (1998)
Monkey Undercover (2006)
Dishonour (2014)
Sisters (2018)

Young Adult Novels

January (2010)
February (2010)
March (2010)
April (2010)
May (2010)
June (2010)
July (2010)
August (2010)
September (2010)
October (2010)
November (2010)
December (2010)
Revenge (2012)
Malice (2013)
Missing (2014)
Hunted (2014)
Endgame (2014)
The Vanishing (2017)
The Medusa Curse (2018)

Critical Acclaim

Death Delights:

  • Winner 2002 Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel

The Sharp End:

  • Shortlisted 1999 Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel

Baby Did A Bad Thing:

  • Shortlisted 2003 Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel
  • Winner (tie) 2003 Davitt Award for Best Adult Novel

Spiking the Girl:

  • Shortlisted 2005 Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel