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Peter Yeldham Book List


Peter Yeldham's extensive writing career began with short sorties, radio scripts and a column for a weekly magazine. He spent twenty years in England, becoming a leading screenwriter for films and television, and also wrote plays for the theatre, including the highly successful comedies Birds on the Wing and Fringe Benefits. Since returning to Australia he has won numerous awards for his miniseries, among them 1915, Captain James Cook, The Alien Years, All the Rivers Run, The Timeless Land and The Heroes.

Stand Alone

Reprisal (1994)
Without Warning (1995)
Two Sides of a Triangle (1996)


A Bitter Harvest (1997)
The Currency Lads (1998)
Against the Tide (1999)
Land of Dreams (2002)
The Murrumbidgee Kid (2006)
Barbed Wire and Roses (2007)
A Distant Shore (2009)
Glory Girl (2010)
Dragons in the Forest (2015)
The Last Double Sunrise (2017)
Above The Fold (2018)