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Tom Howard Book List


Tom Howard is not only the pseudonym of John Howard Reid, but is also the name of the protagonist in many of his books. Funnily enough (or maybe it isn't funny, who knows) the protagonist in other books is Jack Reid. Reid was born in Sydney and graduated from Melbourne University, serving in the police forces of Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

For those who want to read the Tom Howard series in order, be warned, the series order is different to the order in which the books were published. I'll try to indicate where I can, the chronological order of the series.

Tom Howard series

NSW police Sergeant Tom Howard

The Health Farm Murders (1985) (4th)
The Beach-Front Murders (1985)
The Rim of Heaven (1986)
All Possible Avenues (1986)
The Last Generation (1986) (SS)
Howard's Price (1987)
A Way of Life (1988)
Beyond Vengeance (1991)

Jack Reid series

Jack Reid is an ex-military policeman

Dead Lucky (1990)
Death At His Private Zoo (1991)

Stand Alone

Hounds and Jackals (1998)
A Brush With Death (1999)
Death Is An Island (2001)
Challenge the Wind (2001)