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Leah Giarratano Book List


Dr Leah Giarratano has had a long career as a psychologist. Her professional background offers a unique selling point in this genre. Leah is an expert in psychological trauma, sex offences and psychopathology and has had many years experience assessing psychopaths and treating their victims. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals, with the defence force, and in Long Bay Gaol with offenders who suffer severe personality disorders. She has assessed and treated survivors of just about every imaginable psychological trauma, including hostages; war veterans; rape, assault, and accident victims; and has worked with police, fire and ambulance officers.

Jill Jackson series

Jill Jackson is a police detective sergeant working in Sydney 

Vodka Doesn’t Freeze (2007)
Voodoo Doll (2008)
Black Ice (2009)
Watch the World Burn (2010)

Stand Alone

Disharmony (2012)