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Peter Corris's first novel was published in 1980 and he has been a full time writer since 1982. Peter Corris is credited with reviving the fully-fledged Australian crime novel with local settings and reference points and with a series character firmly rooted in Australian culture - Cliff Hardy. Peter Corris was born in Stawell, Victoria in 1942. He was educated at Melbourne High School and the University of Melbourne. After taking a Master's degree at Monash University and a PhD at the Australian National University (both in History), he was an academic, teaching and researching in various universities and a College of Advanced Education until 1975 when he gave up academia for journalism. He was literary editor of The National Times, 1980-81. He was married to writer Jean Bedford and they have three daughters. Peter passed away in August 2018.

Cliff Hardy series

Australia's most popular private investigator, Cliff Hardy embodies all the determination and guts that every detective should display.

The Dying Trade (1980)
White Meat (1981)
The Marvellous Boy (1982)
The Empty Beach (1985)
Heroin Annie (1984)
Make Me Rich (1985)
The Big Drop (1985)
The Greenwich Apartments (1986)
Deal Me Out (1986)
The January Zone (1987)
The Man in the Shadows (1988)
O'Fear (1990)
Wet Graves (1991)
Aftershock (1991)
Beware of the Dog (1992)
Burn (1993)
Matrimonial Causes (1993)
Casino (1994)
The Washington Club (1997)
Forget Me If You Can (1997)
The Reward (1997)
The Black Prince (1998)
The Other Side of Sorrow (1999)
Lugarno (2001)
Salt and Blood (2002)
Master's Mates (2003)
The Coast Road (2004)
Taking Care of Business (2004)
Saving Billie (2005)
The Undertow (2006)
Appeal Denied (2007)
The Big Score (2007)
Open File (2009)
Deep Water (2009)
Torn Apart (2010)
Follow the Money (2012)
Comeback (2012)
The Dunbar Case (2013)
Silent Kill (2014)
Gun Control (2015)
That Empty Feeling (2016)
Win, Lose or Draw (2017)

Luke Dunlop series

Luke Dunlop is an ex-cop now working as a Witness Protection Officer.

Set Up (1992)
Cross Off (1993)
Get Even (1994)

Ray Crawley series

Federal Security Agency director in Sydney, Australia

Pokerface (1985)
The Baltic Business (1988)
The Kimberley Killing (1989)
The Cargo Club (1990)
The Japanese Job (1992)
The Azanian Action (1991)
The Time Trap (1994)
The Vietnam Volunteer (2000)

Browning series

Richard Browning is a private investigator who has links to Hollywood but he works in Sydney

“Box Office” Browning (1987)
“Beverly Hills” Browning (1987)
Browning Takes Off (1989)
Browning in Buckskin (1991)
Browning P.I. (1992)
Browning Battles On (1993)
Browning Sahib (1994)
Browning Without a Cause (1995)

Critical Acclaim

Deep Water:

  • Winner 2009 Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel

The Black Prince, The Other Side of Sorrow, Lugarno, Salt and Blood, Master's Mates, Saving Billie, The Undertow

  • All Shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel